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City of Newport Utilities

The City of Newport Public Works Department maintains the city's 1.1 square miles of streets, water, and sewer services for its citizens and visitors.

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Important Information:

Application for Water/Sewer Form

Application forms can be emailed to or mailed to Newport City Hall at 200 S. Washington Ave., Newport, WA 99156

Water & Sewer Rates - 2015
Meter Size Water Sewer Water Tax Sewer Tax
Bill Total
Allowed Usage
Residential ¾" $24.10 $37.40 $2.89 $3.74 $68.13 10,000 gallons
Commercial ¾" $24.10 $37.40 $2.89 $3.74 $68.13 10,000 gallons
Commercial 1" $31.33 $48.62 $3.76 $4.86 $88.57 13,000 gallons
Commercial 1 ½" $48.20 $74.80 $5.78 $7.48 $136.26 20,000 gallons
Commercial 2" $65.07 $100.98 $7.81 $10.09 $183.95 27,000 gallons
Commercial 3" $96.40 $149.60 $11.57 $14.96 $272.53 40,000 gallons
Commercial 4" $127.73 $198.22 $15.33 $19.82 $361.10 53,000 gallons
Commercial 6" $192.80 $299.20 $23.14 $29.92 $545.06 80,000 gallons

Note: Any usage over the allowed gallons is charged at the following rates:
$2.41 per thousand over for water- 10% of basic water rate
$3.74 per thousand over for sewer - 10% of basic sewer rate

Connection Fees
Meter Size Water Sewer
Residential ¾" $3,000 $5,000
Commercial ¾" $3,000 $5,000
Commercial 1" $4,000 $7,000
Commercial 1 ½" $6,000 $10,000
Commercial 2" $8,000 $13,000
Commercial 3" $12,000 $20,000
Commercial 4" $16,000 $27,000
Commercial 6" $24,000 $40,000

Newport Fee Schedule

To view all the City of Newport fees, click on the Fee Schedule - Resolution #121514.

Drop Box

There is a drop box in the main door of City Hall. This box is checked each day and payments are posted upon receipt. If a payment is put in the drop box the night of the 20th, it will be considered on time and no late charges will be assessed.

Shut Off Fees

Turn off fee for water turned off per owner's request - $10.00
Shut off fee for non-payment of water/sewer bill - $30.00

The City provides several payment options:

  • The customer may pay by cash, check or by Visa/Mastercard debit or credit card.
  • Also, there is an option to pay on-line by Visa/Mastercard debit or credit card and by e-check. Please call City Hall at 509 447-5611 if you need assistance with our on-line portal.
  • The third option is to pay by automatic payment. This may be done by checking/savings account. This option requires paperwork to be completed and returned to City Hall. The paperwork for monthly automatic payment from a checking or savings account is found here.

    Yearly Payment Discount

    If a customer pays for a year in advance, a 5% discount will be applied to their account. The yearly payment is based on the current monthly water/sewer rates multiplied by 12.

Late Fees

Water/Sewer bills are mailed out the last business day of each month. The payment is due upon receipt and must be paid by the 20th of the month in which it is received to avoid late charges. The late fees are $5.00 for water and $5.00 for sewer.

Criteria for Waiving Water/Sewer Late Fees

The City Council has determined that the following reasons will be considered in determining whether or not the customer is able to show good cause for nonpayment of their utility bill:

  • Death in the family
  • Hospitalization of customer
  • Customer is bedridden or otherwise incapacitated to such an extent that they are unable to leave their home to prepare and mail the payment

The customer needs to provide a letter to the City Clerk ( which shows good cause for nonpayment. Once this is completed, the City Clerk will respond in writing, notifying the customer if an adjustment of the late fees will be made.

If the City Clerk does not find good cause for the customer’s nonpayment, the customer will be informed in writing. If the customer does not pay the fee by the date specified on the late notice, the utility service to the customer's premise will be shut off.

Non-sufficient funds (NSF) Fee

Per Resolution #102109, the NSF fee on all returned checks or automatic payments is $35.00.

Leak Policy

Per City Ordinance, a customer may be granted a reduction in their water bill due to a broken pipe or plumbing fitting once within a 24 month period. All repairs must be completed within 10 days of discovery of the broken pipe or other plumbing fitting. Once the repairs are completed, the customer must request a reduction of the bill in writing to the City Clerk and must provide receipts showing that the leak has been repaired. The City staff will verify that the leak has been repaired before any adjustment can be granted.

If a reduction is granted, the customer will be responsible for paying the basic bill plus 25% of the water overage charge and 25% of the sewer overage charge.

Backflow Prevention Device Policy

The City of Newport adopted Ordinance No. 847 in March 1994. Please review Newport Municipal Code Chapter 13.10 to find the regulations on this policy.

For residential customers, if there is a sprinkler system on your property, you are required to have a backflow prevention device installed. This device must be tested each year when the water is turned on. All costs are incurred by the customer. Contact City Hall for a list of licensed backflow testers.

The standards are set by Washington State Department of Health. Compliance is required by Washington State Laws and Regulations.

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