May 1, 2017

A meeting of the Newport City Council was held on May 1, 2017 at 6:00 PM in Council Chambers, City Hall, 200 S. Washington Avenue, Newport, Washington, with the following present

Shirley Sands Mayor
Raymond King City Administrator
Nickole Schutte Clerk/Treasurer
Tom Metzger City Attorney - Absent
Kenneth Smith Mayor Pro Tem
Nancy Hawks-Thompson Councilmember
Brad Hein Councilmember
Mark Zorica Councilmember - Absent
Keith Campbell Councilmember


At 6:00 PM, Mayor Sands called the meeting to order followed by roll call and the pledge of allegiance. Councilmember Hein moved to excuse Councilmember Zorica’s absence; Councilmember Campbell seconded. Motion carried.


Contractor Application Payment request No. 1 from Wm Winkler Co. was added to the agenda under New Business. Councilmember Campbell moved to approve the agenda as amended and the minutes from the April 17, 2017 Council Meeting; Councilmember Hein seconded. Motion carried.


Mayor Sands stated that the water on the south side of town has been restored. She apologized to the citizens for being out of water for several hours and the inconvenience. She also wanted to give a shout out to the public works crew for working hard to restore this water as well as the work that has been done on the Southeast Newport Improvements Project. She thanked them for a job well done.



Pend Oreille County Sheriff Botzheim gave a law enforcement report. There were 187 calls for service in April within the city limits of Newport. Councilmember Thompson asked if the Sheriff’s Office was at full staff. Sheriff Botzheim stated that is was not. They are below full staff in communications, law enforcement and corrections. Although he did say that corrections was almost full staff. He stated that it is a six month process to hire a deputy.

Councilmember Smith moved to approve the hotel/motel tax request for SPORT, Scenic Pend Oreille River Rotary Club; Councilmember Hein seconded.

Councilmember Campbell moved to allow the Newport/Oldtown Rotary to close Pine Street between Highway 41 and Union Avenue during the Scenic Pend Oreille River Train rides; Councilmember Hein Seconded. Motion carried.

Councilmember Thompson moved to approve Contractor Application Payment No. 1 with Wm Winkler Co on the Southeast Newport Improvement Project in the amount of $103,782.84; Councilmember Campbell seconded. Motion carried.

A financial statement was provided for the Mayor and Council to review.


City Administrator King gave a public works update and spoke of a street damage grant through Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) that he will be looking into applying for to repair some more of the City’s streets.

Mr. King gave an update on the Southeast Newport Improvement Project. Councilmember Thompson asked if the project was on schedule. Mr. King stated that they were a little ahead of schedule at this point.


Councilmember Campbell moved to approve the bills and payroll; Councilmember Smith seconded. Motion carried.

CLAIMS CHECKS 61237-61258
CLAIMS EFT 04/27/2017 Run 1-7
PAYROLL EFTS 560-563 and Dir Dep Run 04/18/2017


The meeting was adjourned at 6:31 PM.

Attest: By:
Nickole North, MMC, CPFA Shirley Sands
Clerk/Treasurer Mayor