November 19, 2018

A meeting of the Newport City Council was held on November 19, 2018 at 6:00 PM in Council Chambers, City Hall, 200 S. Washington Avenue, Newport, Washington, with the following present:

Shirley Sands Mayor
Russ Pellenberg City Administrator
Nickole North Clerk/Treasurer
Mark Duxbury Police Chief - Absent
Tom Metzger City Attorney  - Absent
Kenneth Smith Mayor Pro Tem
Nancy Hawks-Thompson Councilmember
Brad Hein Councilmember
Mark Zorica Councilmember
Keith Campbell Councilmember

At 6:00 PM, Mayor Sands called the meeting to order followed by roll call and the pledge of allegiance. 


Ordinance 2048 Amending Ordinance 2045 was added to the Agenda under New Business.  Ordinance 2048 on the Agenda was changed to Ordinance 2050.  Councilmember Thompson moved to approve the agenda as amended and minutes from the November 05, 2018 Council Meeting; Councilmember Hein seconded.  Motion carried.


Mayor Sands congratulated the Newport High School Football Team for making it to the Semi Finals for the State Championship Game which will be held Saturday at 4:00 PM at Moses Lake, Washington.



Councilmember Smith moved to approve Ordinance 2048 amending Ordinance 2045 to provide for the increase in the principal amount of the City’s outstanding Water and Sewer Revenue Bond Anticipation Note, 2018 to $3,175,000 and extending the maturity date of the Note to December 31, 2019; providing for the effective date of this ordinance; and providing for other matters properly relating thereto; Councilmember Zorica seconded.  Motion carried. 

A public hearing on Revenue Sources for 2019 was opened at 6:14 PM.  Clerk/Treasurer North reviewed the revenue sources and discussed increasing the water and sewer rates to be able to pay for outstanding bonds for the water and sewer projects as well as wastewater treatment plant improvements.  City Administrator Pelleberg explained the need for an increase to be able have reserves available for future improvements so that we are not dependent on grants/loans.  The Council agreed that the new base water and sewer rate would be $82.00.  ($47.00 Sewer and $35.00 Water).  The 1% increase to the regular property tax levy was discussed as well.  The public hearing was closed at 6:40 PM.   

A public hearing on the 2018 budget amendments was opened at 6:41 PM.  Clerk/Treasurer North stated that the Current Expense Fund was increased by $105,000 to establish a School Resource Officer (Agreement NP2018-11).  The Street Fund was increased by $28,600 due to the final payment of the Southeast Newport Improvement TIB Project occurring in February 2018 for Winkler retainage.  The South Bench Water Reservoir Project was increased by $2,125,000 due to changes made to the project.  (See Department of Commerce Community Development Block Grant Request for Amendment #1 and the need to purchase American Steel for the project which is a USDA requirement.  The public hearing was closed at 6:45 PM. 

Councilmember Zorica moved to approve Ordinance 2049 amending the fiscal year 2018 budget; Councilmember Campbell seconded.  Motion carried. 

Councilmember Hein moved to approve Ordinance 2050 amending NMC Chapter 10.20, designating parking zones, loading zones and tow away zones; Councilmember Thompson seconded.  Motion carried. 

Councilmember Zorica moved to approve Resolution 11192018 Unites States Department of Agriculture loan resolution in the amount of one million seven hundred forty-five thousand dollars and zero cents; Councilmember Smith seconded.  Motion carried. 

Councilmember Thompson moved to approve Resolution 11202018 increasing the regular property tax levy collected 1% in the 2019 tax year from the previous year; Councilmember Campbell seconded.  Motion carried. 

Councilmember Smith moved to approve Resolution 01152019 revoking all prior fee resolutions and adopting a new fee schedule; Councilmember Thompson seconded.  Motion carried. 

A financial report was provided to the Mayor and Council for their review. 


Public Works Director North gave a public works update.  Mr. North also informed the Council that the City has received a Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) grant for the Pine Street/Hwy 41 Sidewalk Project in the amount of 258,770.



City Administrator Pelleberg stated he has had a productive meeting with Mr. Willenbrock from PUD to discuss some updates to the Rodeo Grounds.  He has also met with Newport School Superintendent Dave Smith regarding revitalizing the softball fields and entering into a strong partnership with them to work on a proposed sports complex.    


Councilmember Hein moved to approve the bills and payroll; Councilmember Thompson seconded.  Motion carried.

CLAIMS CHECKS 62369-62401


CLAIMS EFT 11/15/2018 RUN 1-3 $13,563.59
CLAIMS DIRECT PAY 11/15/2018 RUN 1-6       $7,700.00
PAYROLL EFTS 751-756: Dir Deposit Run 11/06/2018



The meeting was adjourned at 7:13 PM.

Attest:                                                                                                  By:

            Nickole North, MMC, CPFA                                                          Shirley Sands

                     Clerk/Treasurer                                                                           Mayor