February 05, 2018

A meeting of the Newport City Council was held on February 05, 2018 at 6:00 PM in Council Chambers, City Hall, 200 S. Washington Avenue, Newport, Washington, with the following present:

Shirley Sands Mayor
Raymond King City Administrator
Nickole North Clerk/Treasurer
Tom Metzger City Attorney - Absent
Kenneth Smith Mayor Pro Tem
Nancy Hawks-Thompson Councilmember
Brad Hein Councilmember
Mark Zorica Councilmember
Keith Campbell Councilmember

At 6:00 PM, Mayor Sands called the meeting to order followed by roll call and the pledge of allegiance. 


Claims checks were increased by $30,370.00 to purchase a new water truck.  Councilmember Zorica moved to approve the agenda as amended and the minutes from the January 19, 2018 Council Meeting; Councilmember Thompson seconded.  Motion carried.


The next Council Meeting will be Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at 6:00 PM due to the Presidents’ Day Holiday.   

Mayor Sands welcomed Jon Carmen and Glenn Blakeslee to the meeting.  Both have announced their Candidacy for Pend Oreille County Sheriff.  She also welcomed former Pend Oreille County Deputy Dan Dice who was present.   

Councilmember Hein responded to an anonymous letter that was mailed to the Mayor and Councilmembers.  Councilmember Campbell invited whoever wrote the letter to come to a Council Meeting and talk to the Council so that their issues can be addressed.    


Chief Duxbury stated that he would have statistics for the Council at the next meeting.  He has been at the Washington State Equivalency for the past two weeks.  Mayor Sands stated that he passed the academy with a high score and she is very happy to have him back in the community. 

Chief Duxbury stated that interviews for Police Officer will be taking place tomorrow afternoon.  He also stated that there has been some interest in citizens being on the Civil Service Board. 


Jon Carmen of Ione, Washington introduced himself as a Pend Oreille County Sheriff candidate.  He reviewed his history in Pend Oreille County as a citizen and a former Pend Oreille County Deputy and Detective.  He spoke about his vision as the Sheriff and stated that he is available for questions or comments.  He stated that he will be coming to future meetings over the next year to go over other programs and plans that he has for the county if he is elected as Sheriff. 

Sheryl Miller of 564 Silver Birch, Newport, WA 99156 was present to hear about the upcoming topic on the agenda regarding land that the City is talking about trading for.  She stated that she would hold her questions if any until the item was brought up on the agenda. 

Theresa H. (as she signed in as) known to be an Idaho resident but has a post office box in Newport, WA was present to also hear about the upcoming topic on the agenda regarding a land trade.  She however again asked whether the City will be providing water to HiTest Sand.  City Administrator King answered her question regarding the land trade and again explained the process that would have to take place before the City could even consider providing water to HiTest Sand.  Councilmember Smith and Theresa H. exchanged words and Councilmember Smith asked the Mayor to not allow her to speak again regarding this matter.  She repeatedly asks the same question and is given the same answer.  She has been told that the City cannot even consider providing water to HiTest Sand unless their property was contiguous with the City of Newport.  At this time, it is not.   


Mandy Walters, Director of the Pend Oreille County Library was present and spoke about a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) she is considering to build a new library.  She would like to partner with Youth Emergency Services (YES) and have them located within the new library building as well.  A library district is not able to submit a CDBG grant so she asked if the City would be interested in partnering with them and assisting them with submitting an application on their behalf.  City Administrator King stated that he would help them however he can.  The location of the proposed library would tentatively be on the corner of Calispel Avenue and 1st Street.   

Councilmember Hein moved to approve Resolution 02052018 declaring certain real property legally described as the E ½ of the SW ¼ of the SE ¼ of Section 24, T31N, R45E, identified in Assessor’s records as ID# 16763, containing 20.00 acres surplus to the city’s needs, authorizing the City Administrator to proceed with disposition; Councilmember Campbell seconded.  Motion carried. 

Councilmember Zorica moved to approve Agreement NP2018-06 for Information Technology Services between the City of Newport and Pend Oreille County; Councilmember Smith seconded.  Motion carried.  

Councilmember Campbell moved to allow City Administrator King to work with the Economic Development Council to work on a CURB grant for a Hotel Feasibility Study; Councilmember Hein seconded.  Motion carried.   

Councilmember Thompson moved to allow City Administrator King to submit an application for a Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Grant in the amount of $500,000.00 for the continuation of a sidewalk from 7th Street to City Limits; Councilmember Hein seconded.  Motion carried. 

Councilmember Campbell moved to declare equipment Tag 001224, 001344 and Serial number CNK90816YT surplus/salvage; Councilmember Zorica seconded.  Motion carried. 

A financial report was provided to the Mayor and Council for their review.


City Administrator King spoke of working with WSDOT/Aviation to obtain grant funding to construct an airport. 

Stage 3 road restrictions have been put into effect.  Mr. King is hopeful that the City can obtain Transportation Improvement Board emergency repair grant funding to repair more streets within the City. 

The new bridge on Highway 41 is moving forward.  This project is a 5.5 million dollar project. 

The South Bench Water Project has qualified for a 2.125% United States Department of Agriculture/Rural Development grant.  Hopefully the project will be going to bid in April. 


Councilmember Smith moved to approve the bills and payroll; Councilmember Thompson seconded.  Motion carried. 

CLAIMS CHECKS 61754-61778
CLAIMS EFT 02/02/2018 Run 1-8
PAYROLL EFTS 654-663 and Dir Dep Run 01/19/2018 & 02/01/2018



The meeting was adjourned at 6:53 PM.