March 06, 2017

A meeting of the Newport City Council was held on March 06, 2017 at 6:00 PM in Council Chambers, City Hall, 200 S. Washington Avenue, Newport, Washington, with the following present

Shirley Sands Mayor
Raymond King City Administrator
Nickole Schutte Clerk/Treasurer
Tom Metzger City Attorney - Absent
Kenneth Smith Mayor Pro Tem
Vacant Councilmember
Brad Hein Councilmember
Mark Zorica Councilmember
Keith Campbell Councilmember


At 6:00 PM, Mayor Sands called the meeting to order followed by roll call and the pledge of allegiance.


Councilmember Zorica moved to approve the agenda and the minutes from the February 21, 2017 Council Meeting; Councilmember Campbell seconded. Motion carried.


Mayor Sands reminded the Council to file with the Public Disclosure Commission by April 17th.

Mayor Sands spoke about the Easter Egg Hunt and that the Newport Rodeo Association as well as the Newport/Oldtown Rotary Club has donated funds to assist with this event. The Mayor has purchased plastic eggs and asked for help to stuff eggs on April 3rd if any of the Council is available.

Mayor Sands and Councilmember Zorica congratulated the Newport Grizzly Boys Basketball team on winning a 6th place trophy at the 1A Hardwood Classic State Basketball Tournament.


Councilmember Hein moved to amend the amounts paid for jail services in Agreement NP2017-6, an Interlocal Governmental Contract with Pend Oreille County for Jail Services previously adopted November 21, 2016, to $58,570 in 2017, $59,741 in 2018, $60,936 in 2019; Councilmember Smith seconded. Motion carried.


Pend Oreille County Sergeant Blakeslee gave a law enforcement update to the Mayor and Council. There were 240 calls for service in Newport in February 2017.

Councilmember Zorica moved to declare City of Newport Equipment Tag #000751, #000881 surplus and approved 1 Makita Drill 3/8” Drive – Model 6404 be removed from the WWTP Small Tool Inventory; Councilmember Campbell seconded. Motion carried.

Councilmember Smith moved to approve Resolution 30617 revoking all prior fee resolutions and adopting a new fee schedule; Councilmember Campbell seconded. Motion carried.

A financial report was provided to the Mayor and Council for their review.


City Administrator King stated that everyone’s water is back on line and the pipes have been thawed out. He stated that the public can stop running their water at this time to avoid frozen pipes.

There was a fire in town last night. The structures will be checked to make sure it is safe. The new fire truck was out on the fire.

Engineered plans for the Assisted Living Facility have been received and will be delivered to J.A. Sewell and Associates for a plan review.

City Administrator King gave a public works update and stated that the well driller is back on site.

Mr. King also spoke about grants and their associated projects.


Councilmember Zorica moved to approve the bills and payroll; Councilmember Hein seconded. Motion carried.

CLAIMS CHECKS 61139-61161
CLAIMS EFT 03/03/2017 Run 1-6
PAYROLL EFTS 542-548 and Dir Dep Run 03/01/2017


The meeting was adjourned at 6:21 PM.

Attest: By:
Nickole North, MMC, CPFA Shirley Sands
Clerk/Treasurer Mayor