October 21, 2019

A meeting of the Newport City Council was held on October 21, 2019 at 6:00 PM in Council Chambers, City Hall, 200 S. Washington Avenue, Newport, Washington, with the following present:

Shirley Sands Mayor
Russ Pellenberg City Administrator - Absent
Nickole North Clerk/Treasurer
Mark Duxbury Police Chief
David North Public Works Director - Absent
Tom Metzger City Attorney 
Kenneth Smith Councilmember
Nancy Hawks-Thompson Councilmember
Brad Hein Councilmember
Mark Zorica Councilmember
Keith Campbell Mayor Pro Tem

Mayor Sands called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM followed by roll call and the pledge of allegiance. 


City Administrator Comments was removed from the agenda due to the City Administrator being on his way to the Infrastructure Assistance Coordinating Council (IACC) Conference in Wenatchee.  Councilmember Campbell moved to approve the agenda as amended and the minutes from the October 07, 2019 Council Meeting as written; Councilmember Thompson seconded.  Motion carried. 


Mayor Sands informed the Council that City Administrator Pelleberg will be attending the IACC Conference in Wenatchee.  He will be meeting with state agencies to see what grants will be funded next year and networking with engineers for future projects.   

Mayor Sands stated that she had reached out to the Rotary for assistance with the Downtown Trick or Treat event.  Rural Resources reached out to her and would like to participate but are out of the way, so she is letting everyone know to stop by their business for some goodies during the event.   

Mitch Stratton was a longstanding member of the community and a member of the Newport Volunteer Fire Department.  There will be a memorial for him at the Newport Hight School on November 2nd for anyone wishing to attend.   

Councilmember Thompson stated that the Farmers Market Pumpkin Patch was a bit soggy so not too many pumpkins sold.  She is looking forward to the Farmers Market again next year.  

City Attorney Metzger announced that he will be retiring on December 31, 2019.  He stated that after forty years it is time.  He travels south during the winter months and he feels it would be beneficial to the City to have an attorney that is present to attend Council and Planning Meetings.  He will be involved in selecting his replacement and will be working to make the transition smooth and is available to assist if needed.  The Mayor, Council and Staff all commented on how much he will be missed.     


Phyllis Kardos of Newport was present and handed out a River Arts Alliance card with reasons to buy locally.  She also stated that she and her group (RG New) were invited to meet with City Administrator Russ Pelleberg last week.  The meeting lasted about 2 Ĺ hours.  She felt that it was a good productive meeting and hopes that they can continue.  However, some of the topics of discussion raised some concern.  She was hopeful that he would be in attendance tonight so that they could discuss some of those concerns.  One of which is that he told them that he had not been communicating with PacWest regarding the Smelter and she found out recently that he and Jamie Wyrobek with Pend Oreille County Economic Development Council have been conversing with them.  Lastly, Ms. Kardos recommended building a new library next to the schools if someday the library ever needs to be moved.  

Sandy Coelho of 82 Panhead Hill Road, Newport, WA was present and stated that The Chamber has been spreading the word and doing what they can to help with promoting the event.  She asked if businesses like Rural Resources that would like to participate in the Downtown Trick or Treat but are not located on Washington Avenue could be allowed to set up in TJ Kelly Park to hand out candy to the trick or treaters.  The Council agreed that it would be a great use of the Park.   



Lori Stratton, Jenny Smith and Cindy Campbell were present to give a recap of the 2019 Newport Autumn Bloom Run.  Ms. Stratton gave a huge thank you to the Council for the hotel/motel tax funds allotted to them for advertising their event.  She stated that the furthest runners were from Florida and Texas.  There were around 132 walkers/runners and the ages ranged from 1 to 84 years old.  She said it was truly a community event and that they canít take full credit for it.  There were a lot of comments from the participants about how safe the route was and how clearly marked it is and how much they enjoyed the City along the route.  The Danny Woelk Award was presented to Tina Batch this year. 

Bowie McCanna of McCanna Engineering gave a preliminary plan review of the Pine Street and Highway 41 Sidewalk Project.  Preliminary plans were distributed to the Mayor, Council and audience.  He stated that the sidewalk would go along one side of Pine Street.  Advertising would be in January; bids will be awarded in February and construction next Spring.   

Councilmember Hein moved to approve Agreement NP2019-17 Cooperative Building Maintenance Contract with the Newport Library; Councilmember Zorica seconded.  Motion carried.   


Police Chief Duxbury gave a law enforcement update.  There were 200 law incidents in the City in September 2019.  He was happy to announce that there were no burglaries or vehicle thefts during September.  He also announced that October 26th is National DEA Take Back Day.  Newport Police Department will be working with Pend Oreille County Counseling Services from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM in TJ Kelly Park to dispose of any unwanted drugs especially prescription pain medications.  There will be no questions asked and the drugs will be disposed of properly.    


Councilmember Smith moved to approve the bills and payroll; Councilmember Hein seconded.  Motion carried.

CLAIMS CHECKS 63077-63114  $190,958.90
CLAIMS EFT 10/17/2019 RUN 1-5 $10,568.40
CLAIMS DIRECT PAY 10/17/2019 RUN 1-6 $8,200.00
PAYROLL EFTS 886-890: Dir Deposit Run 10/17/2019                  



The meeting was adjourned at 6:35 PM.

Attest:                                                                By:

Nickole North, MMC, CPFA                           Shirley Sands

Clerk/Treasurer                                                 Mayor